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When will newspaper reporters who have seemingly little knowledge or
acceptance of MMA stop writing editorialized articles that refer to the
sport as "human cockfighting" and "savage". The front page of the
section in The Globe and Mail this article was featured in was
emblazoned with the title "'HUMAN COCKFIGHTING' GOES LEGIT" and
the article touches on several things such as boxing's self-destruction
and its slippery slope supplantation by mma.

I know little about Cricket. I wouldn't write about it or even form an
opinion on the sport, its rules or fanbase without first gaining a
thorough knowledge on the sport. It baffles me how quite a few
generic sports writers continue this bad practice.

I know some argue that bad press is better than no press but this isn't
the 90's any more when John McCain's comments held any credence.

The sport has become more evolved than this article gives it credit for.

These guys need to take a page from Neil Davidson's book. 20070601.wfighting0602/BNStory/Front

The print version of this article was titled "The Barbarians are in the Living
Room". Pieces like this make people like my dad think MMA is a brutal
gory sport. Unfortunately, Globe readers likely include the very politicians
who may one day vote to sanction the sport in provinces like Ontario.

"Mr. Alexander keeps pounding away at Mr. Jardine's head until he is
on his knees and finally unconscious. His mouthpiece drops to the
canvas just before his face hits, hard and flush and uncomprehending.
There's a bit of blood dripping from between his slack, gaping lips.
Only then is Mr. Alexander pulled off.

The short bout, over in 48 seconds, seems everything that those who
see the UFC as the featured event in a Wide World of Dystopian Sports
imagine it is: two men, locked in an octagonal cage, stripped to the
waist, barefoot, wearing minimal padding across their knuckles,
assaulting each other by just about any method they choose until one
or the other quits, is knocked or choked unconscious, submits in the
face of unendurable pain or, occasionally, is judged the (invariably
bloodied) winner or loser once a bout reaches its time limit.

Ah, the triumph of the baser instincts, the descent of the human
species, the coarsening of modern culture, the handiwork of porn and
video games and ultraviolent films and equal doses of ecstasy and Red

"That said, everyone involved with the UFC continues to live in fear of a
grave injury or death in the octagon, however improbable, knowing
that, unlike boxing, the sport wouldn't have enough history to survive
the political backlash."


You know what

there's no such thing as bad press

Just read it by the way. I may not agree with Mr. brunt but it's a well written and articulate article and he has done a decent amount of research so it's a lot better than many other articles I have read.

Plus how often do you see Joyce Carol Oates and MMA together in one piece of work

I'm not debating whether the form, syntax or vocabulary used were
professional. i just felt that the article seemed like more of an
uninformed outsider's view of the sport of MMA.

UPDATE: Just noticed that Mauro talked with the author Stephan Brunt on
Fight Network Radio and low-and-behold, he is a sports writer who
specializes in boxing coverage and feels that "the sweet science" is a
superior sport. He said he was entertained by UFC 71 but maintained his a
affinity to boxing.

As long as he doesn't try and describe MMA as a "street Fight" "Human Cock Fighting" spectacle with no talent or skill. I don't have a problem with him preferring boxing to MMA. I think he's wrong but at least he's intelligent and in light of some of the massively stupid things others have been saying in the media it's a blessing.

The purpose of media is to sensationalize....we in this sport will have to endure our share just like everyone else.
Sad?...yes!...but true!


Brunt is a well known boxing writer having written several books on the subject and I didn't think the article was that bad actually. Especially for someone who is so emotionally attached to boxing.

My guess is that he's on side actually and will be writing a lot more about our beloved sport.