biases much Joe Rogan?

a stop by BJM for Varner in the Hermes fight and you bitch about Varner getting a rest.

a break in the Kongo fight and you say, "this is a good little break for Christian".


Apples and oranges IMO - in one fight a fighter was about to be KO'd and was saved by a stoppage due to a point deduction, in the other there was a lull in the action and a mouthpiece was replaced.

he didn't have much to say about Neer getting a rest twice to get his mouthpiece back

i don't think i could do worse, but that's not really the issue

the issue is that the UFC has already had and let go much much better announcers

outclassed a guy he was 2 minutes away from losing a decision to?

i'm not saying he was hurting Hermes, i'm just saying you don't talk about "outclassing" someone who beat you, even if just on points, for 2 1/2 rounds

and i'm saying i disagree with your use of that word, as in "outclassed" is an overstatement of the difference between the two

what's your issue with that?

so tito was running away from silva when they fought because silva outclassed him? after all, tito just held wand down for that win

tito was knocked down. if it had gone slightly differently, silva might have finished him. look at the list of guys silva has knocked down; not many of them finished the fight