bibiano = warrior

he should have been given more time the second time he took takaya's back.

edited after he got the decision: thank god he got the decision.

Well he just won, so good for him ;).

KingoftheDemo - Well he just won, so good for him ;).

i was rooting for takaya up until bibiano got screwed the second time he got takaya's back. then i started rooting for bibiano. his decision win was justification.

 yeah i didn't understand the separation.  Takaya shoulda got a card for holding the gloves

I was rooting for Bibiano since he demolished Warren.

Heeeyyyyy Samurai!!

Congrats to RFT, Bib and all the incredible training partners who helped get him the victory.

 I was rooting for Bibiano but I have no idea how he was given the nod.  He did get screwed with the back thing though.  How the fuck do you restart a fight when one guy has the back?

He got lit the fuck up though and I thought he lost clearly.

takaya should have won. However the restart was bullshit.

I had the fight for Bibiano, he was the better fighter in the first round, and was winning the boxing match until the last few minutes of the second. Like Marlon Sandro in Sengoku, he has gone from being known for his BJJ pedigree to being an all-around threat, with good size/reach for his weight class

takaya inflicted the most damage besides that one slip/knockdown by bibiano

also takaya finished stronger which has to count for something

i think the dream judges are starting to take takedowns into consideration a little bit more which would explain recent decisions like bibiano/takaya and warren/yamamoto. That being said, bibiano took takaya down 4 or 5 times, and even though he couldn't keep him down most of those times, he used those takedowns to control the pace of the fight. He also had his back several times and threatened several subs. I feel Bibiano got outstruck a little but he did enough the whole fight to take it.