Bible Cartoon Question

When I was a kid, we used to watch this cartoon about kids who went back in time to the Bible, and for some reason they were always in a robot of a different animal every week, like a giant monkey or dog or whatever, and there was some kind of bad guy in a giant robot too, and every episode was some Bible story, and then a giant robot fight

i haven't seen it in almost 20 years, so i really don't remember anything about it, but i remember liking it, and i wanted to pick it up for my (future) kids and also for my niece and nephews

Have any of you got any idea what I'm talking about? I used to watch The Flying House, and I don't think that's it, and I thought for awhile that it might have been Superbook, but now i'm not so sure. Any help would be appreciated; this is really starting to drive me crazy

come on, i know someone here knows what i'm talking about

what type of Church did you attend and what were the approx. dates, this will help out.

it would be 15-20 years ago, and i would have seen it at home. i was raised southern baptist, but i don't think this was a baptist cartoon, i seem to remember just buying it at the local Christian book store or something like that

I know what you are talking's on cable sometimes!


at first I thought you were talking about the Flying House as well...and like rooster..I have seen it on TBN saturday mornings...I also cant recall the name...sorry.


never saw that but used to watch SpecterMan (sp?) and Voltron a lot as a kid.

i'm still looking for it

oh sure they use science to have robot fights to make religion look sciencey