biblical illiteracy =bizzaro world


this mega church in my area with about 10000 members put this out.

You have probably heard me in recent weeks illustrate numerous examples regarding the biblical illiteracy which characterizes so many Christians. George Gallup has called the United States "a nation of biblical illiterates." And, researcher George Barna concludes that "the Christian body is immersed in a crisis of biblical illiteracy." Don’t miss my foundational message regarding this crisis this Saturday, May 19 at 5:00p.m. and Sunday, May 20 at 9:00 & 10:45a.m. entitled, "HOW & WHY WE ARE ILLITERATE." It will be so good to be back in the pulpit at First Family Church this weekend!

My heart has been deeply moved by this reality. The lack of knowledge regarding the Bible’s major doctrines can leave a believer shipwrecked in their faith! Further, marriages corrode, parenting skills are weakened, and young people make life-damaging decisions when people of faith do not clearly understand solid Bible doctrine.

Consequently, beginning Saturday/Sunday, June 2/3, 2007, I am going to launch a dynamite, highly-informative, new Summer series entitled, "OVERCOMING BIBLICAL ILLITERACY: THE 12 BIBLE DOCTRINES YOU MUST KNOWI want to invite you to join me on a Biblical journey where I will teach you the 12 essential doctrines of Scripture. During 12 timely weeks I will present two messages (Weekends/Wednesdays) for each critical doctrine including: 1). The Doctrine of the Scriptures (Bibliology/June 2/3/6); 2). The Doctrine of God (Theology/June 9/10 & 13); 3). The Doctrine of Jesus Christ (Christology/June 16/17 & 20); 4). The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology/June 23/24 & 27); 5. The Doctrine of Man (Anthropology/June 30/July 1 & July 4); 6. The Doctrine of Sin (Hamartiology/July 7/8 & 11); 7. The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology/July 14/15 & 18); 8. The Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology/July 28/29 & August 1); 9. The Doctrine of Angels (Angelology/ August 4/5 & 8); 10). The Doctrine of Last Things (Eschatology/August 11/12 & 15); 11). The Doctrine of the Trinity (August 18/19 & 22); 12). The Doctrine of Satan (August 25/26 & 29). In addition, we will learn key theological terms, the placement of the Bible’s 66 books, and examine the historic creeds of the Church. By examining truth we will be equipped to discern error! This will be exciting material … believe me, you will never look at your Bible the same ever again! ."


Can anyone explain to me the contradiction here and how christianity is succeeding ? With the rise of mega churches beyond all previous imagination. Rock concert like productions, ministries for everything from 10x divorced transsexual singles groups to sufferers of ADD and skateboard ministries that this 'move of God' has somehow managed to produce biblically illiterate people ? I thought you heard the bible in church and were taught it. But I think that people are more familiar with how to market jesus than what jesus said. Is this not bizzaro ? I must attend one of these mega churches to believe with my own eyes how 52 weeks a year a congregation among many who weekly average in the thousands are still biblically illiterate. This stuff is out of control.

whats worse is now all the people in the church who attend all of the lectures will be running around as apologists and biblically trained. 10k membership and he's worried his flock is biblically illiterate ? can you say unsatisfactory job performance. he's had 11 years to finally figure out that he needs to educate his people on the BIBLE ?

It's entertainment, and it's easy on their lifestyle.  That's a winning combination from their perspective.  You have fun, and get to continue in your sin...

some pastors talk to glorify themselves.

well I know Jerry johnston and he doesnt do that mainly. But hes putting out powerpoint presentations and finely packaged marketing material on how to life a successful life. I have half a mind to write mr johnson and tell him how disappointed I am in him ( Ive heard him preach since I was 12 ) and tell him he needs to get his head screwed on straight. Yes, thats pretty arrogant but this is the main reason I wont attend church.

i dunno a whole rock star scene would work ok for me if they kep the groupies idea.
Groupies is a great adition to any religion.

"I have half a mind to write mr johnson and tell him how disappointed I am in him ( Ive heard him preach since I was 12 ) and tell him he needs to get his head screwed on straight. Yes, thats pretty arrogant but this is the main reason I wont attend church. "

Sharing your disappointment isn't arrogant. I wonder why do that now after he's decided to make a change and trying to deal with the problem? Why not talk about why you won't attend church at take responsibility for that instead of blaming other fallen people?

Im pretty harsh on fallen people or hypocritical happenings. No point defending that. But I feel like its an inhouse thing. You wont find me on the OG dissing christian leaders. I deleted an ugly post about falwell getting anally raped in hell by hitler. I will yell and scream at 'family' members but not to the outside. just the way I am.

okay bro. I'm trying to understand where you're coming from. You approach things differently than I do, vent your frustrations with more edginess. I am coming from a place these days (ie. parenting a 3, 7, 11yr old) where I am rethinking how to influence change. I am noticing responding to a negative situation with negativity isn't working. Why? Because once I back people (my wife, co-worker, clients, children, etc) into a corner and get them on the defensive, they shut their heart and mind to the truth of what I am saying because I have offended them and they focus on the offense.

it's the whole give respect to get respect thing. ya know?

sovann, Im a spectator when it comes to organized christianity. I dont desire his or anyones approval or respect. I would like to see christianity slap itself into reality and quit making a mockery of the whole thing by their absurd lifestyle and marketing. My son played a baseball team tonight. First Baptist Church of Grandview. I was joking loudly. OK, if the church team beats us Im giving up and going to church . I was a little loud. Just being funny but hey we won so, no church for me.

Im just amazed how insulated the mega church can be and so oblivious to what they are or arent doing.

I bet the idiot in chief of that mega church implores his flock to cheer on the unchristian war of aggression and occupation in Iraq and putting allegiance to the state(what you may call patriotism) above following the teachings of Jesus.

Just a hunch


that's a great example of not getting my point; Costanza-esque - do the opposite! lol

I guess I dont get you point sovann. What Im trying to do is point out the absurdity of what hes doing. Well, not what he's doing but how did he get to that point. How did he get a 10 k membership and all of a sudden he realizes they are biblically ignorant ? Really, I suppose looking at myself, I shouldnt even care because I already know it. But dont you every now and then think that insulated leaders need an outised view of themselves ?

It will probably not even be read or thought twice about but what if it is thought about by this guy ? maybe I do actually care. I dont know.

go for it,worst that happens is 10,000 people talking bad about you in the town you live and probably work in.

they do anyway haha. I just dont know how else to describe how this appeared to me. Bizzaro world. What has this church been founded upon ? Again proof that seeker friendly mega church christianity is a multi level marketing scheme dressed up in the robes of religion.

zealott,i've been praying this evening for what Jesus meant by picking up your cross,

the answer i feel i got was to stand in front of a full length mirror,put your feet and legs together,hold your arm s straight out from your sides,then look in the mirror,you will see the cross is you.

please think about this before staring at any more crosses :)

nah, the cross is much more than ourselves.

hmmm it must be self cleansin to pop ten grand to listen to a hypocritical heathen preacher teach the masses of sin

...i am sure he will read the passage "a man and his riches are soon departed" and at that momemnt , like saul on the road to damascus, he saw the lite and is now goin to give back the money..