Biceps cutter counters?


What do you guys like to do to defend a biceps cutter?

Specifically, what do you do if its being applied or almost applied with your partner on top in cross sides position?

Right now the only thing I can do is try to keep my arms in good posture while im on the bottom but that doesnt always happen as my training partner will get his arm wrapped around mine to set up the bicep cutter.


Mate, the best way to defend a bicep cutter is to tap. If you happen to be rolling against anyone from the Brazilian Commando Corps, I'd even consider tapping before getting on the mat.

go north south

This works for me...

If my right elbow is getting "cut"... I place my left hand in the collar and my left knee in the belly...

I pull up on the collar, the elbow getting "cut" and pressure my knee down.... usually when they break U can get a kneebar ;)

I should say that if it is in deep I would tap... what I explained above I do when they are trying to apply it...

t for later.

Anyone else ever see someone snap their forearm trying to defend a biceps cutter?

Never seen one snap... I've had a bruise from my shoulder to half way down my forarm for about a month after fighting one in a tourney. Tapping really is your best friend.


"Right now the only thing I can do is try to keep my arms in good posture while im on the bottom but that doesnt always happen as my training partner will get his arm wrapped around mine to set up the bicep cutter. Thanks"

I would work with your instructor on better protecting your arms as you escape side-control, and improving your side-control escapes themselves rather than some low-percentage, late-stage bicep-slicer escape.

If you are on the bottom of side control and your training partner is constantly able to set up bicep slicer on you, then you are either not "keeping your arms in good posture" to protect against that move, or your partner is significantly better at playing from top side-control than you are at escaping it.

BTW, what Babalou Badboy is describing won't work from the bottom of side-control, that is a counter if you are on top getting bicep slicered by the guy on the bottom.

I've snapped a guy's arm with a bicep cruncher while I was a white belt. It snapped like a dry popsicle stick. =(

To avoid the bicep slicer from the bottom your forearm should be resting against his hip, elbow down, and at a slight angle. You will definitely know when he's going for it because his hip is not underneath your arm. For instance if he's in side control on your right side he will control your hips with his right arm/elbow and play with your right wrist/arm with his left arm. He will push your arm away from your head and you'll see him pivot on his right knee to circle his shin on your bicep and lay on top to crank.

To avoid this do not allow him to control your wrist. If he starts to pivot on his knee start to hip escape and turn into him. With your left arm stick it into his far armpit, hip escape away, tuck your head underneath his chest, and get to your knees. Do this every time he starts to pin your arm or pass your guard.

Worse case scenario if he does pin you in side control and gets your arm pinned. Put your left arm on his shoulder and underneath his neck, bridge into him, bring in your right knee and pull out your right arm.

Or if your movement sucks and you want to stall... immediately rest your right arm palm up behind your head and pray that he goes for something else.
Play with those escapes and let us know how it goes.


I put that move in the same category as calf cruncher in that something can snap before the pain is bad enough to tap. Horrible move to teach lower belts or idiots who have to have a tap.

I do moves like that, but not to the tap. I just get people in the hold without any pressure and then move on. I don't even try to finish straight ankle locks or knee bars. Just get the feel of getting into that position.


Thanks for all the feedback!

Xpat: I will continue to work my defense in that direction but I was just wondering what other alternatives exist. Dont know until I ask, right? But your advice is appreciated.

Purpleone: Whats the counter?

Again, thanks to everyone for your help!