Bid to Watch UFC at Vera's House!!

Ok folks, here is what I am doing: HELP ME OUT EVERYONE!

As one of the winners of Brandon "The Truth" Vera's UFC 66 contest, I am laying out over $600 in travel costs and need to offset some of them as I will be flying in. With Brandon's approval, I am going to auction off my guest spot in order to recover some of this money. If anyone is interested in being my guest at Casa De Vera on Saturday night to watch UFC 66, please email me at with your private bid. The highest bidder will be awarded entry with me into Brandon's place to watch the event!

I will need funds in hand prior to Saturday. Bids will be received until Thursday, Dec. 28th at 5PM EST.

Thanks all and Happy New Year! - Moose Knuckle

34.95 , The cost of the event . If not , Ill holla at The Truth at the next Total Combat and still enjoy Tito beating Chucks a hole down. Ill start the bidding.

TTT just because this whole thing is pretty crazy and cool.

ttt for a flaming gay ufc fan to buy the spot

Now you are talking capn... Wassup Brandon? :-)

You mean a stranger UGer cant crash at your casa Savem :)

I highly doubt my 5'5" 125 frame would freak Mr. Vera out too much...


Recommendations on Hotel capn?

The Ritz Savem sounds ***** 5 star !

How is the Holiday Inn San Diego Downtown?

Jacks Motel 2 sounds Cozy !

Area: Downtown/Balboa Park/Airport
San Diego, CA 92101

Overlooking the San Diego skyline, Holiday Inn San Diego Downtown is located approximately two miles from San Diego Zoo and Lindbergh Field International Airport.

Hotel Circle ?


I feel like as long as you are halfway cool you could crash there... but thats just my opinion. You could be a total dork/serial killer and he may hate your guts.


I'll give you a brand spankin' new dime and your girlfriend 6 hard inches.

I'd do this in a heartbeat if I didn't have to buy a plane ticket there. Plane ticket + my bid + hotel = no sir.

I'll give ya fitty cents!