Bid to Watch UFC at Vera's House!!

There is one condition though. Everyone there must look away and pretend the crocop announcement is just a bad bad dream when it happens. For Brandon's sake


It would be cool to hang out with Brandon and watch fights...But I doubt I would enjoy myself on a "live" PPV...

Don't get me wrong, Brandon Vera is one of my favorite up-and-comers...But he looks like the type of guy who would talk and make noises all through the fight. Also he probably wouldn't let me hold the remote control...And, well...I just can't have this type of distraction around live MMA...

Add to this...the knowledge I have of how thoroughly I would destroy Brandon in Halo II..How am I supposed to respect him??...

A fight would definitely ensue.



"I highly doubt my 5'5" 125 frame would freak Mr. Vera out too much... "

nicole richie said she cant wait to meet you

skin-n-bones baby!

have a good time in sd



Looks like 34.95 is the winning bid ! Ill be ready .

just dont sit next to rudy/mikey/atp. they are gay and tried to feel me up on time

who ever goes tell rudy. his uncle jackson said he looks like eddie munster.


Looks like 34.95 is the winning bid ! Ill be ready

Wait a second, I offerd a dime along with boning his GF, that's the top offer.

capnsavem who are you

you dont go to cityboxing or anything.

I know where he does go....

To the Truth's place on Saturday boyeeeee!

thats really funny all the people that will be their are cool for the most part. he has a nice place his wife is really sweet.their are all good people. you have to give me your email so i can tell you some stuff to fuck with rudy about. thats my favorite past time. you will have a great time.

Cap, remember we want pictures of Vera beating your ass like a drum on the front lawn. Otherwise, it didn't happen.

Looks like its not the taj mahal event afterall Capn. You can sell my spot ! LOL

Slick ,

Just offer to shave Savem and you can get in. Value has dropped considerably.