Biden adm. trying to get conservatives to get covid shot

by putting ads on the deadliest catch, nascar, and country music. lol

Well the sister fucking channel doesn’t exist so where do you want them to advertise?


The media and government have been lying nonstop for years and years, but having someone with a country accent on a commercial will fix it. The problem is simply that these mongoloid conservatives havent been communicated to by an actor using the proper southern drawl, that is the reason why there’s no trust! It’s definitely not the insane gaslighting and lies they’re still bombarded with 24/7/365. I know if I caught my wife cheating on me for the 748th time I wouldnt question her late nights at the office if she wore a Nascar hat and said “y’all.”


He needs to put ads on BET.
Black folk have the lowest vaccination rate and highest hesitancy rate.
Oh and 87% vote democrat. Look in your own house Joe.


and mostly live in the very cities where the outbreaks are