Biden admin is going to SUE Texas over its extremist abortion ban

I am all for post pregnancy abortions as long as it includes Biden

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I give that dude props as he’s pretty ballsy going in there by himself.

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I don’t agree with the premise of the law but I still believe Texas has the right to pass it.

As days go by I’m more and more thankful Garland gut fucked out of a seat in the Supreme Court. The guy is a joke

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I know a couple of women that have had abortions, this was not decisions they made lightly… It wasn’t birth control. Some women don’t even know they’re pregnant until after 6 weeks so 10 or 12 weeks is more reasonable and I’m very pro-life but people are going to do it anyway and God will take care of the fall out if you believe in such things

Your premise is incorrect. People conform to cultural norms. Shame is a strong motivator, and a shameless society is a broken society.

Women had children out of wedlock when it was culturally prohibited, but it was about 10,000x more rare than it is today in the West.

Either we restore family and cultural order in the West, or we watch it burn under the thumb of authoritarians. I don’t see another option.

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There’s zero evidence of the Leftist wives’ tale where outlawing abortion leads to some kind of femicide where women coat-hanger themselves to death in droves.

99.999% of women will either NOT murder their child, or take their fucking birth control. A very small percentage of murderers might bleed out in a dumpster somewhere via coat hanger, and that’s collateral I’m willing to accept.

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You’re not describing me but I find this argument to be the most ridiculous and intentionally obtuse.

Additionally, it’s funny how folks who are all for governmental vaccine mandates are so concerned about constitutionality when it comes to abortion.

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What’s funny about it? Nobody you find the irony with is for forcing women to become pregnant or to become vaccinated. Seems pretty consistent.

Well, I didn’t think I needed to break it down but I will for you. When I say funny, I don’t mean funny haha; I mean ironic and intellectually inconsistent.

  1. Government Mandated Vaccines are championed by democrats even though it is apparent they are an overreach and unconstitutional.

  2. Texas Abortion Ban is opposed by democrats because they say it is an overreach and unconstitutional.

One form of overreach is okay while the other isn’t. That is intellectually inconsistent. So, they use the constitution when it suites them and their agenda and ignore it when it doesn’t. This is the not the way to develop a coherent argument.

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I understood your intent on funny, which is why I used the word irony. What I didn’t understand is where you found the inconsistency. Appreciate the clarification.

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^ This

I’m all for limiting abortion access after the first trimester except for certain extreme cases (rape, health of the mother, etc.), but 6 weeks is probably taking it a little too far. Pro-choice purists who want abortion legal until delivery (or even moments post-delivery) seem insane to me, but as a lapsed Catholic who grew up being told that even rubbers and the pill were sins (for preventing the sacred sperm from doing it’s job), I don’t have much sympathy for the religious argument for banning it entirely.

12 weeks seems to be the norm in most secular countries throughout the world, so I feel that is an entirely reasonable compromise. Coincidentally, that is about the time a baby’s brain starts to fire up and his/her senses start to come on-line, which also seems like a good time to declare ‘this is a human being, not a clump of cells, and it’s right to life should supersede the mother’s right to choose’.

In truth, America’s federal abortion stance which places no limits on abortion is huge outlier compared to the rest of the world. The only thing keeping us from looking like blood-lusting baby murderers is red state laws that impose limits more in line with global secular norms. America is one of the only places in the world where you can get an abortion in the second and third trimester.

here we go again with rape…how many rape victims wait 12 weeks to decide they don’t want the baby ?

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Rape is less than 1% of abortions and I have to imagine less than .001% of those rapes are women held for an extended period of time (weeks or months).

I do otherwise agree with the above poster about 12 weeks as a compromise.


Holy shit:

Yeah, and Ted Kennedy killed a woman so what’s your point? A bunch of old ass quotes from retards who aren’t even around anymore is super weak sauce. Try something a little more timely like this vid of recent quotes:

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There is no brain activity before week 20, so that’s where I would draw the line.
This means most OGers could still be aborted though