Biden Admin Letting Pregnant Migrant Scum Across The Border!

Think that one was a dirty Irishman. But they are all the same.


This mindset is beyond ignorant. Also the name doesn’t check out.

Hopefully they arrest those dirty illegals and throw them in jail.

Filthy Irish hobos!!

Yeah this won’t lead to people getting pregnant just to get across the border…

The Italians, Irish, and other Europeans came to America legally and to get a better life. They contributed greatly to the development of the US and took nothing in return except getting jeered by the “WASPs” in the US.

These illegal aliens coming from south of the US border are moochers and we’re being made to accommodate THEM. Even going so far as to change our education curriculum and include spanish on everything.

Then again, Biden did say it was a good thing that whites are becoming a minority.

Every lib politician and voter should have to sponsor a family. But it’s classic virtue signaling and they wont do shit.

Let’s dump more money into illegal aliens while our unemployment/homelessness rates skyrocket

Does that dude have a Bushkill Bowie in his mouth?!