Biden and Co. failing miserably at containing new Covid outbreaks

This administration has been a failure from the beginning. Unfortunately somehow it continues to get worse.



The black community doesn’t trust Biden or his idiot sidekick.

Good luck trying to convince them.

So what should Biden be doing? Is it related to it seems no one knows for sure what’s going on or how to control it? Should he not be pushing folks to get the vaccine? Should he be demanding masks and social distancing? Failing miserably at controlling this? I’m confused

Excellent point

Much criticism here but not ideas how to improve

Make MAGAfools less brainwashed isn’t viable

Theres enough brain washing going around with sheep like you.


Is your family from MO vaccinated?

Biden’s incompetence is a good thing. The world can see that the US is weak under Biden. It is time for all nations to attack.

Yes and they didn’t vote for Trump

The FDA has an approval process

In all honesty, I don’t think anyone can control spread of the virus forever.

My entire family is vaccinated and they hate Trump. Although I voted for Trump… I’m going to get moderna. He created operation warp speed and got vaxxed, encouraged others to get vaxxed too. I understand why people choose to get the vaccine and I also understand why people don’t.


214k deaths on sleepy joe’s watch? Wow!

No wonder he’s sending his dimwits door to door. He’s in full panic mode.

That’s a lot of blood on his hands.

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At this point I find it harder to see compelling logic not t get vaccine. Unless you are special case.

My brother’s wife won’t. But she is a fundamentalist Christian which probably explains it

Does that match the number of deaths under Trump’s watch? If so that might explain the leaderboard mentality that Biden administration is having.

Not sure what the deaths were when Trump was president. I suppose we can refer to the CNN death counter.

Oh wait, it’s gone now.


Let’s not forget Trump had “experts” like Fauci saying we didn’t need masks and that this virus would be nothing to worry about. Like a common flu.

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Comparisons aren’t gonna help anything.
Motherfucker, where is the plan??

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For one…don’t let a ton of unvaccinated illegals into the country and spread them around the country…That would be a great start.


Look pal, just because their registration was used to vote for Biden, doesn’t mean they actually voted for him.