Biden bans Russian ammo imports…

yes ! back to 0.15 corrosives and 0.20 non-corrosives…this $0.40 per shit is ridiculous…

If I have to travel to Canada for cheap Russian ammo I’ll be humiliated


I have a tin of 7N1, the sniper version of 7.62x54r. I think I paid $120 for it years ago. I wonder what it would be worth now.

Yep. Have the 7n6 in the can. Also a decent amount of Wolf, Golden Tiger, and Hornady.

If all Russian ammo is being banned then Hornady will be the only manufacturer I could get. And their bullets are more expensive premium ammo. The frangible V Max.

Couple hundred easy.

I have 3500 rds right now, I’ll sell em to you $5000

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I have 2 gallons of milk. Deal?

I live in farm and cattle land… no shortage of milk…

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Well damn

I have 3 bottles of sunshine from Florida. Deal?

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Don’t drink orange juice.

wolf is made in germany

Bush 1 began the Import Ban.

Fitting that a Democrat would build on it.

Trump imposed similar sanctions on Russian and Ukrainian arms IIRC

Doesn’t matter who is president, if the radical right keeps doing terrorist attacks on a weekly basis, they’re gonna take away our guns.

Interesting take nytron

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Only their .22 ammo…

Ha Ha Ha Lol GIF by Lifetime Telly


No way Jose. Wolf is made in Russia. Also says on the box “Made in Russia” and has some Cyrillic Russian writing I don’t understand.

I’m fucked with my 5.45x39 if nobody picks it up here besides the Hornady premium ammo. It’s too bad cause it’s my favorite AK.

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I’m to the point I wouldn’t mind seeing Biden take a convertible ride through Dallas


Why…I mean how do you justify this shit? Did some US ammo lobby buy one of his son’s “painting’s”. Fucking tard.

This just goes to show you were the real thinking caps where at regarding the Afghanistan pull out. Sure, it looks like incompetence….but they are putting their brain power behind fucking Americans instead of making sure girls don’t get sold into sex slavery

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