Biden being Biden

Has cnn questioned biden’s competency? They had a lot to say about Trump.

Trump’s behavior raises questions of competency - CNNPolitics

He should be a dementia patient and is POTUS. Ho Lee Fuk

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“He’s like Tito Ortiz just gets tongue tied but is very smart”. - OG left


He had to take a test… I don’t think Joe would pass it at this point.


There is absolutely no way he could pass that. He wouldn’t even be able to figure out what the first visuospatial/executive prompt is requesting the testee (heh heh) do.


I’d put my money on half of Detroit failing the test too…

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Every time he says “in fact” you know a doddering bumbling panic is about to ensue because he’s lost. Wait for it. He uses it constantly every time he speaks publicly.

Also “no, I mean it” or “I’m serious, folks”. These are verbal strategies he’s used his whole career, but now he’s so far gone, it doesn’t make sense when he says them, but he still goes to those.

Name maximum number of words beginning with F?

You know DAMN WELL the first word out of Trump’s mouth was. “fake”.

Happy Donald Trump GIF by Team Trump

And shoot it into the sun

So pathetic.

Typical politician. Fake it until you make it, then they turn out completely unqualified for the job when it actually gets hard. Zero leadership qualities.
Worthless whore Kammy is the same.