Biden: “Black entrepreneurs can succeed like whites but don’t have lawyers or accountants”

It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations. In Biden’s case it’s way beyond soft at this point. He thinks they are legit lesser than. And 90% of black people votes for him.


This never happened. Fuck off

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Oh really? What doors were those?


Even I have a lawyer on retainer. It is not expensive.

This reminds me of growing up in Scranton, boy let me tell you something about the lawyers on retainer… they have a retainer because they’re not able to afford braces, like poor kids. One of my friends growing up, he was black and couldn’t afford a train ticket. This is why we need to pass an in… intransit… infrastructure bill, come in man it’s common sense!


Biden is exactly what the left claims to hate.

A privlaged, rich, old white bigot, who looks down on people of color.

And the sheep are convinced he is some kind of savior.

The left is completely misguided, and they are too stupid to see it.


How can black people not be totally disgusted with this elitist leftist position that blacks can’t do for themselves? The left is so condescending towards them and doesn’t even realize it.


The ones that don’t view themselves as a victim are absolutely disgusted by it.



if people can afford to put a attorney on retainer, they’re already successful

sheet. i hired a lawyer to look over employment contracts I created when i started a new business for 1k. If I didnt have enough money saved from my other business, i wouldnt have spent the money. that said, the internet has so many examples of contracts, etc, you barley need a lawyer. I learned to be a HR dept. it just takes more time and a lot of reading. The lawyer was just to make sure I had state specific issues covered

nah man…an ARMY of LAWYERS! and ACCOUNTANTS! opens all these “doors” to white business owners, allowing them to make millions of dollars that Black people cannot make!

Blacks have the wherewithall to start their own business, but not enough to hire and work with attorneys and accountants. Yea, makes perfect sense

Good to know. If I ever lop off a finger with my bush razor, your lawyer can expect a call from mine!

Tired of this president always putting down poc all the time. He act like white people go out of their way to keep poc down. The truth is whites and poc just want to live their lives without all this racism stuff being brought up all the time.


lol. He’s such a great communicator. He unwittingly insults the people that support him and got him elected, but they are too stupid to know he’s being insulting. Or they just don’t care because they “won” by having that idiot in place as president. It’s a powerful moron vortex.

“You think Julio and Consuela have a lawyer for their tamale truck? Or their lawn mowing business? Does Tyrone even know what an accountant is when he opens his fried chicken shack? Nope. That’s all fancy white people with book-learnin’ stuff. But I’m gonna help them out cause I’m the GOOD white man in command! Good thing we got that racist Trump out of here.”


Well libs think math is racist so POC might not be able to do their own accounting.

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Putin is probably polishing the floors of the Kremlin and putting banana peels here and there.

Biden is bound to fall on his ass.

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Just needs to turn on some fans, seems a little wind knocks Joe down.

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Trump helped black business owners and schools more than Joepedo could ever think of.


Joe Biden Blink GIF by Election 2020


That’s what he’s for lol. Well, that and a bunch of other shit.