Biden BRAGS About Vaccinating Young Kids With Covid Vaccines

‘We’re the only country in the world doing this right now’: Biden boasts about vaccinating under-5s as he takes selfies with toddlers and comforts crying boy named Joe

  • Joe and Jill Biden visited a vaccine clinic in Washington D.C.
  • They saw kids six months to five years old get their shot
  • Biden carried around toddlers and gave hugs
  • He comforted a crying little boy named Joseph
  • Vaccines for toddlers were approved last week
  • Remains unclear how many parents will get their kids vaccinated

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Awesome stuff! Once again so refreshing to have a real leader who actually cares.

adults can do whatever they want but fucking with the kids is tough to see. we should stop cricumsision too. just leave kids be.


Maybe those kids can teach him how.

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I bet he sniffed and molested a few of those little kids.

Is anyone even pretending the vaccine lasts longer than a few months? And we are celebrating giving it to kids who are at statistically 0% chance of dying from it?


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Over It Lol GIF by GIPHY News

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