Biden Brings Back Obama Era Gas Prices

Biden is just the fall guy.

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Actually these days Putin is the fall guy.

Biden is such a dick for raising gas prices across the world.

He’s a dick for killing thousands and thousands of Canadian jobs as one of his first acts after being elected.

Fuck everyone who voted for this mindless, dickless, hopeless administration


I dont give two fucks about the rest of the world or Canada for that much when it comes to gas prices. He isnt the president of the world. He is the worthless, shithead, pedo President of America who is more concerned with Trannies being allowed to jerk off in a little girls bathroom then what is happening with the exuberant cost of gas.


Not as easily as i could back when i posted this in june of 2021.

Everyone with a brain in their head knew a biden presidency would be bad, but whew…it’s REAL bad…

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So what is that around 0.08% of our daily oil consumption? Huge numbers your playing with right there. It is such a small insignificant number when you look at all the data involved. Mind telling us how much of that Russian imported oil is for public consumption and how much is being held in federal reserves…?