Biden Brings Back Obama Era Gas Prices

You live in a 3rd world shithole where protesting your government results in you getting a bullet? If not where can I donate to get your ass send there? I’m serious Guatemala,Mexico, Honduras,El Salvador, Venezuela, go ahead pick dumbass o I forget you’re too broke even to jump on a carnival cruise keep waiting for your stimulus check lol


Dude some fat rednecks walked around the capitol for a couple hours. How does that compare to nationwide gas price increases? You care so much about the capitol but fuck the police and white people right?



Worst President ever by far. It’s not even comparable and he has been in office less than 6months. Completely a total failure.


That’s because you can’t even afford public transportation you welfare cunt

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Gas prices are still 3.00, you just have to give $1.50 to the big guy


His budget proposal cancels around a dozen long standing tax incentives to US oil producers that were intended to protect national security. What a cool guy. Real fine American. I think he just called us all racists too.

Biden tax plan replaces U.S. fossil fuel subsidies with clean energy incentives (

in for watching putin physically eat a confused old man on internationally broadcast video

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I think the only way to get a win out of this is to call off the meeting as a show of “strength”. He already gave Putin a HUGE payoff by giving the Russian pipeline to Germany the go ahead when it had been stopped in its tracks by Trump. He probably felt this would give him some positive feelings from Putin. I don’t think he and his handlers understand how Putin works. When that fucker senses weakness, he attacks and goes for the kill.

yep 3.20 here in SW Ohio
They were 2.89ish the last couple months now jumped 30 cents this week

Fuck it’s over 4 here in so cal. I got toys to feed motherfucker

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300,000,000 more americans to get on the govt dole.

Kamala is doing her part by not flying to the border

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I think you guys are missing the bigger picture though as I’m sure Zeekmen would agree with, no more mean tweets!!!

Yeah, gas is going to double in price the first year China Joe is in, we are once again dependent on foreign energy, millions of illegals are streaming across the border unchecked we have to support while Kameltoe cackles at reporters, Xiden is hitting on 6 year old girls on live TV while food, lumber, steel and basically every other necessity explodes in price, but NO MORE MEANS TWEETS!!! And if that doesn’t do it for ya, “It isn’t Xiden’s fault all of this is happening! Also, Jan 6th erection!”

So much for not taxing anyone making under $400k.

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Yeah because he’s a stupid piece of shit person


Never seen so much ree

Democrat Admin crushing it their first 6 months

  • High gas prices
  • Soaring inflation
  • Serious southern border crisis
  • Poor unemployment
  • Middle East conflict