Biden continues to amaze, 4m vaccines in a day

Fuck off mate.

Ya well, Trudeau is on pace to vaccinate 4 million per year, so suck on that, Yanks.

Wow, he’s distributing vaccines that everyone said would take years to develop, yet Trump ignored the “experts” and got it done in months. He’s handing out TRUMP’S vaccines and taking the credit. Classic dem move.


Cool story Nytron/Easy.


The thing about Gaetz is that it is not determined yet. If he is guilty, lock his ass up. With Biden, there are countless videos of him molesting little girls and groping grown women. He is a disgusting POS.

Fuck him and fuck you too you sack of shit. We havent forgotten about the pic you posted of a chick in schoolgirl outfit or your boyfriend goferjesus/sam miller/orcus with the underage greta thunberg comment.

There’s an obvious agenda behind the hysteria.

But the descent happened when I realized they have been using fraudulent science to implement vaccine passports.

Hahaha rent freeeeeeeee

The Weekend at Bidens admin always a source of amusement

no matter how much you hate Donald Trump, you cannot deny that the vaccine development and rollout should be attributed to him

i never voted for the guy and never would, but even I realize we wouldnt be at this stage if it weren’t for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed
my sister is an even bigger Trump hater, but works directly with one of the main vaccine providers, and even she said she was surprised at how Trump’s plans came to fruition
i dont see a point in trying to get these political tit for tat games

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Lyin Biden continues to take credit for things he had nothing to do with.

A 17y/o is a little girl?

Trumps plan working perfectly for Slow Joe, next thing you know he’ll start building on Trumps Wall…doh :flushed:

Weird dude = faggot… Nowadays…