Biden continues to clean up Trumps mess, unemployment down to 5.8%

The U.S. economy added 559,000 jobs in May, the latest sign of a strengthening recovery as vaccinations rise and covid restrictions ease nationwide.

The unemployment rate dropped slightly from 6.1 percent to 5.8 percent, according to the monthly report, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Country is coming back stronger than ever. Greatest president ever at this point?


Did biden fondle you as a child?
Did you like it?


couldnt be because half of the states in our country, put an end to un-employment and the fed stim un-employment???


Remember, liberals have no physical concept of causation because it was purposely never taught to them in school.

remember when you said Trump was going to win Arizona and PA and be president in January? LOL

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PA just send election officials to Arizona. You know why?

Still keeping the hope alive, buddy?

I got bad news for you…

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Did they go to AZ for a vacation?

thE ErecTION was STOWEN shit is still around eh?

The only thing down to 5.8% is OP’s mom’s SMV.

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At this point the best Biden can hope for is to avoid being called another Jimmy Carter.

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Creepy old racist Biden inherited the Trump administration vaccines and a post-Covid economic recovery.

All he had to do was nothing… and things were going to get better.

Instead he has turned his back on Law Enforcement, catered to drug cartels, is complicit in the deaths and exploitation of children at the border, killed a job creating pipeline, lied about “Jim Crow 2.0”, and continues to put America last with nearly every move he makes.

One would have a difficult time making up a worse start to a Presidency.

Biden is a joke, and a disgrace to America.

Fuck the left.

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you have to be absolutely mentally retarded to understand what happened with employment numbers and why

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LOL the Thread Title, well done OP!

and as for Biden, well, he had the privilege of studying under a MASTER POTUS like Obama which SAVED the USA from a GREAT DEPRESSION!

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Nope still a giant corrupt moron.

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Are we going to mention the labor force participation rate going down 1/10 of a point, and that the jobs created missed their mark for a third month in a row, or are we going to save that for later


That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Carter was over criticized for things that were mostly out of his control. He wasn’t a great potus, but he wasn’t terrible as so many people refer to him as.

He also went on to be a pretty decent human and has accomplished more post presidency than any other president.