Biden dismantled Trumps dept for helping citizens trapped abroad

This shit is all on purpose or we have the worse retard on the planet in charge of the country. He knew we were pulling out and he disbanded because Trump bad. Laura Logan said that she believes all of this is on purpose and the Afghans believe it to.

Biden admin moved to dismantle protections for citizens trapped overseas months before Kabul’s fall: memo

Seriously, what would even be a reasonable excuse for this besides “We can’t have Trump getting credit for anything”? It’s not like they said fuck that plan, here’s one that accomplishes the same thing but we created it…… it was replaced with nothing. Why?

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We need some good excuses so we can go BACK in.

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This is the Military Industrial Complex at its finest. We just armed the Middle East and now created a nightmare. If it goes South and we lose Americans……they get to go back to war!!! Maybe this time the enemy will be armed and capable enough to last awhile, since our initial bombings will unite the country against us! That means the ones we trained can fight us and that means more capable foes that will make the MIC hawks more money.