Biden eliminates statute of limitations: pedos

Fuck you bitch, you brought my name into this bullshit. My browser history is fine, but you might want to clear yours before the knock at your door. Fucking pedo.

Presidents create bills and then pass them?

Trump did. There’s the bills for record vacation days, rounds of golf, security detail, legal fees, etc

He didn’t create any bills living in your brain… :rofl:

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Like I live in yours? I heard you doodle my name with hearts in class

I didn’t know you referred to your mother’s basement as “Nek’s brain”…I’m honored…

And I use puppy paws not hearts…

No that’s what I call my toilet though

English please?

Toilet. Because you have shit for brains. Get it? Put some ointment on that burn

I’ll tell you what, let’s take a trip to the pharmacy together…I’ll get some ointment and you can get some Midol…It’ll be a bonding experience…

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lol you literally repeated what I typed as though it was clever

try harder you diddler


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Cant find the Cheddar man

Fuck off pedo boy. I didn’t think it was clever, I was repeating it to show you how retarded you are. Try not to diddle any kids while you wait for the Feds. About the only thing the Feds are good for these days, tracking down pedo bitches like you.

You keep repeating everything I am writing.

You need new material as the obsession with pedophilia is starting to rot your brain

Or maybe it is just dementia

Either way I pray you get the help you need

Just showing you how feeble your insults are. At least you recognize that as they are thrown back at you, you just aren’t bright enough to recognize it while you are typing it in the first place. Fuck off pedo bitch, no need for your prayers here.