Biden Gas Tax Credit when?

If he can afford to send 40+ billion dollars to Zelensky for cocaine, he can afford to budget in a gas tax credit for Americans.

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What are you, a socialist?

I’m not paying this dumbfuck taxes if he is pushing the detonation button every day.

Sounds like a socialist to me

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You should just borrow gas from your neighbors.

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Enjoy prison. Mix the beans into your top ramen. It makes a great post yard snack

He can’t afford to send money to Ukraine. We borrowed that from China.

Maybe, we should all start stealing gas from liberals we know. Apparently they have endless money and are fine with gas prices. That are still climbing literally every time I stop.

There I go being a literal prophet again

Over a decade ago, Obama rightly called out gas tax holidays as a scam.

A moratorium over the summer means prices go right back up in the fall, when midterm campaigning is at its peak.

Also, think about what the money saved even means. The money you save filling up a 20 gallon tank isn’t even enough to buy a gallon of milk.

We may get a slight temporary break in gas prices, if this happens, but the democrats will add taxes that are permanent to make up for it.

A five dollar savings on a fill up is not worth it.

Yeah you were definitely the first…2/15/2022

The difference is Biden likes the Ukraine