Biden goes DARK BRANDON on Ticketmaster, to CRACK down on "Processing Fees" for concert tickets!

I, for one, welcome the lower fees.
I just finally spent the last of the 16 cents I saved on that 4th of July BBQ two years ago and was hoping there’d be a way to put some extra cashola back in my pocket.
Go Biden!


Fine with me Brandon. These fees are fucking absurd.


Phew. That was close

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If they just put it into the ticket price fine, but that’s how it should be advertised. They’ve done this for other industries like cell phone companies in various countries.

Ignoring Nytron only stops the hair from growing on your chest

I remember here they forced airlines to only advertise an inclusive price… because it use to be they’d advertise $99 flight and it would have $500 in fees so really $599. All they did was start charging $599, didn’t save anyone a cent and that was like 20 years ago, still hasn’t saved anyone a cent.

This won’t save anyone anything but i do agree with it, i believe in advertising completely inclusive prices. I think tax should be included in the advertised price like it is most of the world as well.

So after destroying our country, giving the green light for Russia to invade Ukraine, with the 5 minutes of clarity he has a week, he’s spending it on concert tickets? LOL! Anyone who voted for Biden got suckered.

Fuck yeah Biden! GOAT president in the making

Not if Republicans have anything to do with it.

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So the administration is YET AGAIN calling for the government intervention into a private company?

I believe there is a word(several actually) for that, can anyone help me out?

Is it “regulations”?

Forget the fees. Do something about Ticketmaster’s “market pricing”. That’s the real problem.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with legislation for transparency in pricing… But Biden ironically is doing the exact thing he’s accusing them of doing which is misleading the public and not being transparent. This isn’t going to save anyone any money on fees, no one is cutting fees they’re just included in the prices now which will go up the exact amount to compensate them. But why lie about it? Well i know why for votes for the odd idiot out there. Would be hilarious if Twitter fact checked that misleading statement.

Taylor Swift announces her tour and Biden wants to save Americans money!

In the real world, it would be nice if you’re shown the total price with the per ticket fee included when you look for tickets. But those charges aren’t going away no mattter what Biden thinks he’s doing.

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Bruh. Really? So weak. Just fuck off with Brandon, you guys have a great time together he goes first, you go second, it’s all good with us. But please stop fucking with us! Thanks.

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Yeah exactly it’s just a transparency thing no one is saving any money.

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You know how many people where let out of jail when president dipshits said he would free people convicted of marijuana crimes. Zero, that’s how many.

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pretty much why i use tickpick.

First weed, now ticket prices…
It aint a popular opinion, but I fuck with Joe B on the low.
Dont tell anyone I said it, but lowkey, I fucks wit the homie Joe

ttt going to two shows this weekend!