Biden heads to his $3 million vacation home after 4 months on the job

Joe Biden’s Delaware beach house: what to know | Fox Business

biden’s fucked enough things up in his first 4 months on the job. Time for a break.

Career politician making $175,000/year somehow can afford a $3 million vacation home. Maybe Hunter loaned him the money.

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Hunters illustrious business career has certainly afforded that family a nice lifestyle.

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It just shows that crime pays and pays very well.


Nice to see the dems elected someone they can connect with.

I’ll bet he has a black butler and Mexican grounds keepers.

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well you can look at his tax returns to see where he earned it if you are really curious.

I dislike Biden as much as anyone here , but the whole get rich being a politician is stupid …specially from the president…all their finances are public ….plus you don’t think they could’ve gotten rich through other means ? Investments ? Legitimate business deals ? Inheritance?

You can’t be serious dios. They have access to insider trading plus all of bribes and kickbacks they take. It is amazing how many politicians become multi millionaires in just a few years in office.


In most cases yes. In that fooking pedo’s case, he has his hands in everything. He has an entire state that no one gives a shit about to rip off and those fooking retards like it and have voted him into some form of political office for the last 50 yrs. Retards, all of them.

You want to know why Hunter got to publically and with his pedo dads encouragement, bang his sister in law with before his own brothers body was cold and in the ground? Word on the street is a gigantic life policy that was supposed to go to her and the kids upon his death had been “revamped” to include both Pedo Joe and methhead hunter as the beneficiaries. Basically writing her and the kids completely out of the policy. Along with a slew of other financial investments being taken over by pedo Joe and the methhead.

Not to mention how fooking despicable it is to even consider having a sexual relationship (consensual or not) with the widow of your own brother, it actually goes beyond that to a place that words can not describe. Did you ever think how weird it was that the pedo publically came out in support of their “relationship” prior to announcing his attempt at another run for president? Then right before its announced he is throwing his hat back in the mix, the loving “couple” publically announced their break-up. Yeah, nothing at all wrong with that situation.

Your a god damn retard if you support someone, anyone doing that. Never in a million years would I consider fooking my brother


Recently deceased wife. Let alone making it public. That is something a pedo, piece of shit would do and an even larger piece of shit to show support of it

I’m so not a Biden fan but this is silly. Go look to see how many time trump traveled to Florida to his place.

Let’s hate on a guy for shit the last guy did. Dems hated trump for this, now rep get their turn

Biden is a career politician, if not for the money he made through Hunter he’d be lucky to afford one house, no less a $3M vacation house. Public servants don’t get paid well, but the perks are great, that’s why he owns a $3M vacation home.

No, he funnels money through his brothers construction business. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other small businesses around the country that are incorporated in the state of Delaware. So easy to hold any of them hostage without anyone ever knowing any better. Got to give him props where it’s due. He has been doing this for almost 50 years. He is an absolute pro at it. Conspiracy theory is that he was handpicked as obummer’s running mate because the recent senator was green around the ears and needed some direction in handling those sorts of “transactions”.

Basically they needed obummer not to get himself in any trouble by accidentally screwing that process up. So that is where pedo joe comes in. They were protecting their own way of crooked life.

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That is not even in the same fooking zip code of what is being discussed right now. Trump has always had money (whether you or anyone else disagrees with how he got it) from the get go and way before he ever thought about running for President. Biden was basically a backwaters politician from some small redneck state that most people couldn’t point out on a map. Up until his selection as obummers running mate. I would say there was probably around 18% of the country that had never even heard of his holy pedo ass.

No one cares the guy is taking a vacation we want to know how he paid for a $3M vacation home.

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You could never afford a 3 million dollar primary residence on 175k per year, let alone a second home lol. Everyone knows our politicians all Rob us blind and constantly cheat and steal via the private sector and everyone acts like it’s normal. Our apathy got us here. They make our standard of living just good enough so that we never rock the boat.


Its Going To Be Ok Joe Biden GIF by Election 2020

bunch of potatoes whining with the info easily available, but the link give a quick breakdown.

Hunter served on the board of burisma holdings from 2014-2019.

Joe bought his $3 million beach home in 2017.


$40,000-$190,000 ‘Speaking engagements’ (a.k.a. Lobbyists squaring up after he left office as VP) provides the lions share of his income. Also book deals, a professorship, and his salary as a ‘public servant’.

“ As recently as November 2009, Joe Biden’s net worth was less than $30,000, but life post-vice presidency has been quite lucrative for President Obama’s former number two. When Biden released his financial disclosures in July of 2019, they showed that he and [his wife Jill] had earned more than $15 million in 2017 and 2018.”

Politician or preacher…the two most dishonest, yet financial beneficial jobs ever!