Biden: I Was With Xi Jingping in the Himalayas (huh?)

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Trump’s. But I wasn’t really saying one was better than the other. I’m saying Biden is a bumbling fool. And yet he still managed to beat the last guy. The country must not have thought very much of the last guy if they were willing to give this moron a chance.

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Sorry I was talking about the first one with all the interruptions. It was a bad look.

There’s always the stereotype of republican voters being uneducated, when studies have shown that democrats rely the most on low-information voters.


Or it could be a secret cabal that fortified the election as per Time magazine.


It could be. But that’s scenario just seems so improbable.

Welcome to the idiocracy

Trump came out too aggressive in the first debate. I get the tactic. He was the heavy favorite and wanted to run Biden off the field, so to speak. But he came off a bit unhinged, constantly arguing back and forth with the moderator as well as with Biden. Biden won by default, b/c he wasn’t arguing with the moderator. And Trump looked too aggressive going after Biden. It looked like a middle-aged guy arguing with a senior. I’m sure that was by design.


Alternate theory: the media did a good job of hiding how bad Biden was and the average voter didnt do their due diligence in researching him before voting for him. They just accepted the “trump is bad” narrative and are now surprised to learn how much of a fool he is, when that information was readily available if theyd done just a bit of research. I guarantee there are biden voters who wouldnt have voted for him if they knew then what they know now


and telling that this is the best democrats could come up with while holding a huge advantage

It’s was all by design. That’s part of the “secret cabal” game-plan, relying on low-information voters by intentionally not giving them all the information they need to truly make an informed decision.

It’s like telling someone all the benefits of a drug, but conveniently leaving out all the known side-effects.

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My guess is Biden is arrogant. Some of the failed moves to progressive policies indicate to me that he wants to be a “transformative” history making president. He has said in the past he will run for a second term. Not only thst it looks bad on the party if he doesn’t run because it signals that he was terrible leader.

This. To act like the election was an honest competition is patently absurd, especially using hindsight

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All day, this. They bought the lies.

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Didnt take long for the the first bbbbbuuuttttt trump from our resident libtard.

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I’m pretty sure of two things.

Trump would have won against anyone else.

Biden won because of his association with Obama, not because he’s Biden.

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dumbest voters on the planet

Hold my Kanadian…



Man that’s exactly what I was thinking ,and once I saw your comment it all hit me like a ton of bricks

I dont get how guys like this and Justin Trudeau are in charge of things.

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to reelect him yes you have a point
we all knew that biden was a kid sniffing, pants crapping senile coot before his first election and he was still elected. At least when Trudeau was elected the first time we had no idea how retarded he actually was (I didnt vote for him)

so the US nudges out Canada. Barely. They voted for a senile corrupt old man because they cried about mean tweets.