Biden.... I'm glad I voted for him


I am the sole employee of my company and pay myself a salary. Every month my business pays the feds a chunk of coin. I assume that chunk of coin is going up 7% even though myself and my company combined does not gross 400k?

Wait until cisgender sign language interpreters aren’t woke enough.

Anyone with half a brain knows that big money can move to any tax shelter it wants off shore so this idea of only taxing the wealthy never works. When you raise taxes on the job creators, the cost of everything increases and we already know the cost of groceries, gas and other commodities has spiked. Don’t get me started on his claim he’s not going to raise the deficit.

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What a sad old fuck this biden is.

So you’ve had a lobotomy? You envy your country? Share a fascination with pedophilia? Or just love communism / socialism which is it? Or is it all of the above?

Supposedly, he wants to institute a new policy that if a business does X% of business in America that they still have to pay taxes to prevent businesses from just incorporating off-shore & the like.
(I’ve probably gotten the specifics wrong, but it’s something like this. I know he has something he wants to do that’s supposedly going to prevent or curtail this.)

I don’t pay attention to any of Biden’s stuff anymore - I’m assuming this is just yet another flub on his part? Him saying something completely incorrect or that wasn’t true?
I mean, he’s not actually trying to say people making <$400k aren’t going to pay taxes, right? I’m assuming he meant that people making <$400k aren’t going to pay MORE taxes?

This will really help the poor and middle class. I’ve changed my mind about him!

No you pay the individual rate, I can guarantee that you do not pay the corporate rate Biden is so clear headed look who he sides with.