Biden im not signing it! 2 days later…

Fuck Biden


That “deal” is a complete tuck by republicans. It’s not even an infrastructure deal. How is infrastructure even a role of the federal government? Infrastructure is the responsibility of the states, counties and municipalities.

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I read what Biden said and the explanation they gave was satisfactory…

As a constitutionalist, I have no issue with the federal government enabling interstate commerce with actual infrastructure, but social bullshit is not infrastructure.


Biden has no idea what he’s saying or what he’s said. His handlers tell him what he’s supposed to say and then do damage control when he fucks it up.


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It becomes a federal issue because so much interstate travel and commerce depends on infrastructure.

Also, a lot of the flyover states do not have the $$$ necessary to upkeep their own infrastructure without fed dollars, and that infrastructure is often the most important.