Biden in 2006 supports border wall video

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Lol CNN must have decided to push Warren. 

CNN must have been told to sink Biden

The age of old white men is over

no thats not why cnn is turning on him

its because he is unelectable due to obvious senility/dementia 

Didn't stop them from pushing Hitlery

LOL truth!

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The entire democrat party did till about a decade ago. Thats why trump started pushing it as a campaign pledge and they went full retard. Obama in his 08 campaign takes border security. Clinton in state the hnion addresses did it. Schumer did it on the floor of the senate. They all said it. 

You know, I’ve made this point before, but it never seems to sink in…

Did something change in major immigration trends since that time?

It’s almost like the number of illegal immigrants in the US peaked, and when it started declining, circumstances had changed, and because of that positions changed… Wow. Such a revolutionary concept.


So you mean they had a border crisis? Like the one everyone has admitted to on both sides of the aisle?


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Biden was the great, white hope to unseat Trump but he's fucked now. 

Trump wins via landslide, I'd be willing to bet anything on that shit. 

I'm taking your screen name.

Put up or shut up, Fagoon! ;-)

60 days screen name bet? I got that Trump wins, you got Trump loses. 

We on?

We already made the bet, dumbfuck

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Lol CNN must have decided to push Warren. 

That's been clear for months dude. 

Not Warren. Kamala Harris. Democrat power brokers are knocking off her serious opponents one at a time.

This. Warren is not their candidate.

Luv summer