Biden issuing gun control orders today

Yes. Many executives orders end up in front of the SCOTUS. Especially ones this controversial. These organizations are the ones bringing the challenge

Yesterday our governor signed HB 2111 basically making AZ a gun sanctuary state. AZ will be defying all the draconian EOs. Hopefully more states will do the same.


Well, there is a reason they’ve normalized TF out of calling people racists, white nationalists, nazis, fascists, xenophobes, etc the last 4-5 years…

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Mass shooting at business in Bryan Texas today and details still unknown. Story still developing.

What will they fight with? Dildos and bongs?

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Lmao crazy that’s right down the road from me. Like a 5 min drive.

And I still say fuck Biden and his gun hating ass.

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So how much of this gets shut down?

All I see is ways to hinder law abiding citizens. None of this would have stopped anything from occurring.


So you Americans can snitch on each other to get people on “lists”?

Hmmm… I feel like there’s precedents here but you know, the thing

What is everyones thoughts on this red flag deal? On one end I get it, on the other it seems kinda messed up. Would like to hear your thoughts and pros/cons?

Bullshit that already is abused and will be even more moving forward.

It’s a vehicle for stripping someone of their rights without due process. I have no problem with people who are actually a danger to themselves or others having their rights restricted after a fair and unbiased due process. I am completely against warrantless, evidenceless, presumption of guilt that forces an individual to prove their innocence.


Yes. A lot of times rules and laws seem like good ideas in the abstract, but they are very difficult to implement in a way that doesn’t open them up for abuse. And worse, there are often no consequences for the people who abuse those laws.


Exactly right. well said.

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Missouri also likes jokes

One of the scary things that I feel people are overlooking is the $5 Billion devoted to “Invest in Evidence-Based Community Violence Interventions”. That could very well be “code” for programs like the PROMISE program that Andrew Pollack and Max Eden assert directly lead to the Parkland shooting.

Given the social justice/restorative justice slant that the Biden administration has taken with other programs, I could very easily see the evidence-based community violence programs being utterly and complete disastrous and actually increasing violence within the connumities


I like this. Thanks!

Now how much of this shit will pass do you think?

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Where is Rambo when you need him?