i got you.

It was never confirmed and many believed his death was faked and he was still in hiding.

This has good info Al-Qaeda After Ayman al-Zawahiri - Lawfare

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they said the same thing in 2014-2015, why didnt OP do his research?

nm we all know why.

Its a kinetic weapon too.

Blanco made a thread questioning if Pakistan made a deal with the USA and imo the USA choosing to use this weapon to minimize collateral damage could be proof of that deal.

It’s weird that they would use this weapon on such a high profile target, they had to have a reason to be really exact which is not really the USA’s MO when assassinating terrorists

I feel like a “hellfire” missile should have some fucking warhead shit going on.

If its blades only call it the samurai or something.

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The flying ginsu isnt good enough?

They got a dead man right before midterms. You’re winning this one.

Never saw proof that Bin Laden was killed either…

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Ya it was photoshop evidence for Bin Laden