Biden literally thinks alcohol will make people get the vaccine

A pedo pushing alcoholism. How surprising.

Any smart person would have to be blind drunk to punp that shit into them


Previously infected plus vaccinated is now pretty close to herd immunity, depending on how you define it.

I’d take a free beer from that old criminal corrupt lying maybe pedo piece of shit though. I like beer.

Easily bought and sold.

Just how the Dems like’em.

I’ll buy old Joe a case of beer, if he retires. :beer:

So now whose wares is he trying to give away for free?

lol at giving a $5 debit card to get the vaccine. Pathetic.

biden looks and sounds like he’s aged another 5 years every time he speaks.

People love the free stuff. Ugly t-shirts, frisbees, and would certainly like free beer as long as it isn’t bud or Miller lite…

I saw a screenshot of a tweet saying something like only in America could you give away donuts, beer, & fast food to entice people to take a vaccine to protect them from a disease where 80% of the people that died from said disease were grossly overweight.


Well, Hillbillys love alcohol. It will work in Southern states and West virginia.

everybody loves alcohol and it wont work on conservatives anywhere.