Biden looking confused and lost as his handlers are kicking out reporters

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means nothing without context, what am i looking at

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Reminds me of closing when I worked at the bar.

He didn’t do anything that looked obviously bad but based on other videos, the dude’s brain is a scrambled egg.



He looks like a deer in headlights, but that’s a typical day in the guy’s head now…

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Yep. Since this YT channel is doing so many videos like this, what about one montage to show people that actually doubt Biden is near senile? They really swallow the MSM line that he is a strong determined heroic leader on a quest to save the world…

they were screaming “thank you” louder than the reporters could ask the questions

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I’m thinking his hearing is shot and he can’t separate all the voices

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Or his eggs are scrambled w/cheese

You’re watching a movie…


I watched him today. He’s obviously on the best speed available to the richest government in the world. Unfortunately, it was obvious that he was tweaking.


Yup, I think that’s where some of the outbursts come from and he goes to 11 and wants to fight.
C’mon joe, handle your drugs! Maybe get some tips from Pelosi.

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Uh, looks about normal for ol’ Joe! That’s not saying much.

I wonder what his list of prescriptions and PEDs are. Probably a lot of cross over with the Trumps.

He’s staring around because the press is surrounding him like 320 degrees out of the 360 degress practically.

spin, spin spin

Best shit in the vid is towards the end you can hear one female, power tripping. Quote "thank you, get out " and getting louder with her tone. Total piece of shit and fucks like this shape my reality all the god damn time. I’m fucking so sick of it that I’ve given up. I no longer give a shit if I get put in jail for being a whitey so be it. I don’t give a fuck any longer. The shit isn’t changing it’s just getting closer to total disconnect between the wealthy and the working class. Good luck mofos

Holy sheet this should be a classic.

He is such a pathetic goddamn embarrassment! Smh!

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