Biden: no amendment is absolute

Selling a firearm to a felon is already illegal, regardless of the point of sale.

But no, you arent really pro 2nd Ammendment. You might be pro gun ownership, but the two arent the same.


What do you mean “And”? Dude asked if there was any reform any of us would support. I said yes and then explained lol

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You don’t compromise on rights. Ever. Period.

I will defend my property, family, and all of our God given rights until the death of me or my enemy. I will be cold, calculated, and have no regrets but would not be gleeful.

God Bless America


Only if you KNOWINGLY sale it to a felon. I support the right to bear arms.

I mean “and” as is in so what, who gives a fuck. That’s exactly how it should be. Its none of the governments buisness what I sell and to whom in this regard as far as Im concerned.

Its my duty to in good faith make sure Im not selling it to a prohibited person. I usually only did so to people that could produce a Concealed pistol license or that I knew or were heavily active in the forums and groups that I had no reason to believe they were a prohibited person.

Im actually of the mind that the majority of felons should automatically have their rights restored upon completion of their sentences and probation etc and that being a felon shouldn’t bar you from owning guns in the majority of cases.


And if it came to it, how would you prove you didn’t knowingly sell it to a felon? Responsible gun owners do that by requiring an ID and concealed carry license and keeping a record of the sale. No need to get the state involved in it, the seller did their due diligence and that’s it.

Simply saying you didn’t know he was a felon because you didn’t bother to ask is a childish response to try and get out of trouble, and is indicative if of not being a responsible gun owner

This has been the case for at least 30 years now. It’s why I oppose any and all new gun laws. They are perfectly happy to take your rights a little at a time until they are completely eroded.


I agree with you that most felons should have their rights restored. Depending on what their crimes were of course. The problem is not everyone is as responsible as you are. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong and I’m right. I’m just saying that I don’t think I should be able to sell a firearm to a convicted rapist in a parking lot of a gas station. According to Kentucky gun laws, it’s only illegal if you knowingly sell to a potential convicted felon. It doesn’t say your expected to do background checks on the buyer or anything of the sort from what I’ve read. I simply don’t agree with that

There’s nothing that I’ve read in Kentucky gun laws that states you have to do a background check if your a private gun owner selling a firearm without a license. Like I said before, there’s a lot of people I’ve met that have sold firearms in this state with nothing more than some cash and a handshake. Not everyone is a responsible gun owner

I never said you did. I’m saying states like Kentucky have it right because you don’t have to have the state involved in everything

Registration leads to confiscation


I would support arresting people that have illegally obtained (stolen) a gun.

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My bad bro. I think I misunderstood you. I’m stoned

Absolutely. I would support repealing the NFA and abolishing the BATF.

Now others may have answered the same way, but I’m absolutely serious here and not joking one bit. BATF is unbelievably corrupt (see Fast and Furious, as a starting point. See Biden’s current nominee for head of BATF for another, but I digress) and has become an organization that is now making law without the legislature. (And yes, they are not the only government organization guilty of that…but I digress)

The NFA is pointless. It always was. Suppressors should not only be legal, they should be strongly encouraged.


What other amendments srent absolute?

No Middle ground???

We already have given up so much middle ground.

We need opposite legislation to repeal those.

…and dump California, Hawaii, New York and DC into the ocean.

Did I leave anything out?

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They wont be happy until only the criminals have guns


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