Biden orders 9/11 investigation documents to be reviewed for declassification and release


oh yeah maybe that was it, thanks

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Obama was right. Joe can fuck shit up he’s a retard

I could’ve sworn both Trump and Obama said they’d release this shit and never did.


I definitely approve of this.

I could have sworn Trump said he would release info about aliens.

“Hey everybody! Look over here!”

–Joe Biden.


He hinted at it with Don Jr.

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Oh no guys, it turns out IRAN was behind 9/11 all along!

Lace up your wife’s son’s combat Crocs - it’s time to spill some more blood for FREEDOM.


Or they will find out 9/11 was caused by climate change and systemic racism.


Lmao…thats a good Babylon Bee headline

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Fauci has already blamed covid19 on climate change. And CBS just put out an article blaming the rise of the Taliban on climate change as well. It’s not really babylon bee material any longer lol.


Ugh…what a joke

Trump talked about it years ago saying the official story didn’t add up. He bloviated about it somewhat at the beginning of his campaign but never went forward with it. This is assassination JFK stuff if you ever threaten to put the real facts out there.

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Great news.

The public currently has no idea what happened on 9/11. It appears the best theory is that the Bush family, the Saudis, and Israel orchestrated 9/11.

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Lmao @ Bush and Israel.

It was the fucking Saudis and everyone knows it.


But the israelis seem to happy when it happened.

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Isreal knew it was going to happen they were tracking the terrorist and didn’t inform the USA government.

They also may have intentionally reported some false information to throw the USA off from discovering the plot.

So no they didn’t have a direct hand in it, they knew about it and may have even secretly helped the terrorist by feeding mis information to the intelligence services to purposefully throw them off.

He’s going to reveal rewritten history. How appropriate.