Biden punked by kids who support Trump


Meh, he’s a good sport for this, I guess.

Good sport or he doesn’t know where he is, or what year it is.


No, he just doesn’t know where or who he is


Ha- we must have been typing at same times

Great minds…


This is also a possibility.

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Sensory overload.

After giving it some thought, I think this whole photo might be staged. The “Q” movement was a big thing for Trump supporters and gave them hope, even after the election. It’s more or less dead now. There is no way a bunch of Trump kids got past security with that on, and made it all the way to Joe. Every single person there had to know that conservatives would pass this photo around. They made an obvious nod to “Q” on the curious little box in the top left. Let’s see if “Q” springs back to life now, just in time for all of the believers to be deemed terrorists.

He couldn’t find anyone else to smell so he had to give some leeway.

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I just think he goes where he is told. Biden clearly has no idea what is going on around him. If he wasn’t such an asshole his entire life I would feel bad for him but since he was then fuck him. I do not think there is any chance at all he makes any choices in his life or for America.

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He knew something didn’t smell right



Did he take his mask down so he can sniff them better? Hope he did not try to lick them. Biden needs to be restrained like Hannibal Lecter before they allow kids near him in the future.

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He was promised that he would get to keep one if he took the picture!

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