Biden Says "F*ck" The 1st Amendment!


That’s not true

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except the FCC covers what media can do when it comes to politicians

they dont cover print media… but they cover TV and Radio

Facebook and others have gotten around the FCC because they say they are just a platform - they arent “media” but if they start editing content and are “streaming” these social media companies may be regulated by FCC or a new body.

The Communications Act of 1934 created a powerful entity to monitor the airwaves—a seven-member Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to oversee both radio and telephone communication. The FCC, which now has only five members, requires radio stations to apply for licenses, granted only if stations follow rules about political advertising, providing a public forum for discussion, and serving local and minority communities. With the advent of television, the FCC was given the same authority to license and monitor television stations. The FCC now also enforces ownership limits to avoid monopolies and censors materials deemed inappropriate. It has no jurisdiction over print media, mainly because print media are purchased and not broadcast.

Poor Jimmy can’t even read. It’s not about property rights, it’s about Biden calling out to media companies to act as his lapdog and filter out information that harms his reputation.

What regulation is being proposed ?

Of the president says people should eat more vegetables, is that regulation ? You guys want to deny Biden his first amendment rights here

This is like when his admin cried about his dislikes on YouTube lol

Does it even need to be said? If Trump made an announcement that social media websites need to start cracking down on “misinformation” that makes the Trump administration look bad, he’s literally Hitler. He’s destroying democracy. He’s erasing your freedom.

What is it with lefties where they react to the same actions taken by different people in WILDLY different ways? The actions literally don’t even matter. It’s just about the people. Someone is either “good” or “bad”, good people are always right and just, and bad people are always evil and wrong.

This is how you get where someone who’s “good” says pedophilia is cool, and lefties repeat “pedophilia is cool”, someone who’s “bad” says puppies are cute, lefties: “PUPPIES ARE LITERALLY WHITE SUPREMACY”


why is Biden the arbiter of truth about his admin?

That’s a little scary

why does he decide what is misinformation?


When the government makes official declarations through a platform, it is no longer a private platform.

Bill of Suggestions, according to the Dems.


Basically everything the government and media has said about COVID since it started has turned out to be either wrong or an outright lie. Who’s really spreading the “misinfo”?