Biden Shuts Down Covid Lab Leak Investigation



That investigation must be conducted thoroughly and in a timely manner.


Doubt he is in any rush to investigate his partners.


or maybe there is zero evidence that there is a need to continue the investigation? “Facts” stated by “internet experts” doesn’t prolong investigation.

Joeke Biden, strikes again.


China, Biden’s master said “No”.


Is anyone really surprised?


Finding evidence is hard especially when investigating yourself.
It takes time to cover your own tracks!


Well, there isn’t ‘zero’ evidence. There is evidence to at least reasonably support a hypothesis that it was a lab escape. And the evidence is increasing as people look into it.


Impeach this fuck!


I’ve read that science has said the virus does not so characteristics of being man made

“Ive read”

in the “trusted” media?


Well, a little birdy told me, it was man made.

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It’s very hard to tell to be honest. When the Chinese whistleblower dissident was describing how it was made it’s all very plausible.

The description of combining different backbones of different viruses and changing spike proteins is very easy to do and is almost kit based science at this point in time.

Post your source

can you post the article you read?

Fauci just stated that there is a real possibilty the virus originated in the Wuhan lab

But last week, a group of 18 preeminent scientists published a letter in the journal Science saying a new investigation is needed, because “theories of accidental release from a lab and zoonotic spillover both remain viable.”

these 18 scientists believe there should be an investigation.


Escaping the lab DOES NOT mean it was CREATED in the lab, it simply means the virus was in the lab (which we know for a fact it was) and that it got out.

Now consider this:

This level 4 lab was only a few hundred yards from the wet market where China purported the virus originated from.

Said lab had corona virus there, and a couple years prior serious concerns about the safety protocols of this very lab were raised.

Now, we’ve recently discovered that multiple workers in that lab came down with C19 symptoms prior to China finally admitting to the world something was going on.

Ask yourself this: what is the statistical probability that the very same virus this unsecure lab had would just happen to develop randomly in a market a few hundred yards away? If you’re logical at all then you’ll know that it is pretty much an impossibility, chances wise.


Yep no need to look into that any further…

you are right. The media is clearly covering things up and the US government is covering things up too. Not like the entire world is also investigating the cause of this virus. Luckily your media is better than 99% of the media out there.

My point is they have been investigating and have found nothing that states there is a connection and they should continue. My guess is that other countries are taking part in this process and they are finding the same.

But it’s more entertaining to believe that Biden is working for china and Trump is going to right into Washington to save us all.