Biden to Iowa farmers, all your farm are belong to us

I’m for a bunch of comments from folks who have no idea how farms work…

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IDK if it’s true or how it would work, but along with making homes too expensive to buy for people, the mega rich buying lands including farmland, it really does sound like a communist plot is fully on the way,. “You will own nothing and like it”. And well, the Soviet Union started with a full out WAR against its own peasantry and “collectivization” of farms…


I know enough about farming that it is hard work and that they are underpaid. We need to support farmers more imo


I know exactly how farms work. I grew up working on farms and ranches, some quite large. I have family that lives on and makes their living from farming/ranching.

What exactly is confusing to you about this?

I thought he was talking about the limp wristed lefties who’ve never gotten their hands dirty?

I was

We just got a new high school in our county. most of the money is coming from extra taxes on farm land since this is a rural farming county. All of the city voters thought it was a no-brainer to pass the costs off onto farmers instead of themselves. The school also dropped all ag related classes so that’s nice.

What a bunch of jerk faggots. I would dump truck loads of manure at those guys houses

I would love to hear comments from people with farming experience on here. I understand how important farming is to everyone in this country and that we need to protect farmers. I guess I do wonder the fairness of tax incentives they get compared to other industries. Admitting I am ignorant about that.

Lol put those tits to work on a farm. Film it and profit.