Biden to russia: dont hack us. Russian hackers: fuck you comrade!

Shocked Uh Oh GIF


But hey, at least there’s no more mean tweets.


Those must not have been on the list of no-no targets Biden gave Putin

Americans laugh at him. World leaders laugh at him. Why wouldn’t Russian hackers laugh at him?

I guess the only people scared of Dementia joe are small children.


Humiliated voters

If only trump was in charge, he’d put a stop to this madness!!

Sanity at last.

He definitely would not sound like a bitch, though

he definitely wouldn’t shake his fist at russia and yell “get off my lawn!!!”

Here are the 16 things you can’t hack!

Ok we definitely won’t hack those things (wink)

True, perhaps he would beg for forgiveness.

If anyone is in a position to understand and tackle cyber hacking it’s Joe biden