Biden told OSHA to hide data to promote vaccine

Will check out, most are a headline only kind of audience and even then only the headlines they agree with. And MSM sucks in general IMO

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Post some gems? I read the first 100 or so it seemed but a lot of them write like damn college freshman. I struggle to think they’re all highly educated physicians.

The time to take a stand has absolutely arrived.

Tell your government and employer in no uncertain terms that you won’t be bullied in MEDICAL PROCEDURES by authoritarians, or else our kids will absolutely live under authoritarian rule.

If you aren’t willing to stand up now, then you never will be.


Good point!

Where’s the ree crew? Ksac? Dabi?

If you are in america. Just print out a no vaccine Thank you based on your religious belief.

If They fire you - sue the hell out of em. Its protected in the constitution.

It is not that easy to sue a company.

Especially over religious beliefs.

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