Biden: we did more than any other administration in 6 months, Americans overwhelmingly supporting us

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Well if there was any doubt that this old fuck was completely delusional, this should clear it right up.


What a joke.

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I don’t know if I’d call a 52% approval rating overwhelming support.

I don’t know if I’d call a 52% approval rating the accurate data


It Gallup. Kind of “the” approval poll. But even the highest ratings are only a few points higher.


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Yep we are all excited to be paying more for literally everything lmfao.


Khamla has to be GOAT worst Vice prez ever

“has to be” is excessive. This duo makes dumb and dumber look like rockets scientists

Now I know Sleepy Joe has dementia for sure.

I don’t know if the US govt has worked with platforms to “resolve” these issues or not by this point, but there was a time (still might be this way) that you could go to virtually any social media post on any platform put out by the White House or even just dealing with the presidency in some fashion, and its response would be atrocious.
We’re talking every single video on the White House youtube channel for weeks on end getting significantly more dislikes than likes (they eventually turned comments off).
Video of Biden or Kamala speeches on any youtube channel (including ones that tend to lean overwhelmingly left like MSNBC, TheHill, CNN, etc) with an insane dislike-to-like ratio…we’re talking sometimes as high as 5-10 to 1…and incessant mocking comments.
Posts on FB with overwhelmingly more laughing & anger responses when compared to likes or loves. Same goes with the comments.
Platforms like IG with no negative vote type feature still full of negative comments, and vastly more negative ones than positive ones.
Yes, I know it’s social media and blah blah blah. But still - when you consider the overwhelming response across multiple channels across multiple platforms and it was this way for weeks & months on end (still might be this way - I just haven’t looked in a while)…that HAS to tell you something.

Guys, remember we’ve obliterated mean tweets!

Polls have grown unreliable in the last 5 yrs. see the last 2 elections for evidence

They fucked up everything they touch and take credit for everything they didnt.

At least in the last 60 years. Somewhere, Dan Quayle is smiling while still spelling the word potato incorrectly.

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