Biden: we need money for the second pandemic


Fuck that fucking faggot



Practically begging for another pandemic.

Must shift focus and blame for shitty economy somewhere.


The good thing about this magic 8 ball second pandemic is that nobody will believe in it.

Just like a Biden second term.

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There will be a pandemic every election year in the fall.


There IS a universe in which this is harmless. One could argue he’s simply stating it’s naïve to think we’ll never have another pandemic again, so we must be prepared.

On the other hand, it is a clear cut example of a swamp creature politicians begging for money “for your protection” and anchoring that request on fear.


Dude loves spending other people’s money

It’s not over until Tam says it’s over!! Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?? Of course not - neither is CV…

You honestly think after the exposure of the COVID medical racket that he doesn’t mean “we need to print more money because of a staged emergency”?

Dont be naive.

COVID is long gone but the racket to give the government a blank check to print trillions of dollars due to a staged pandemic isn’t. And that’s exactly the narrative they are trying to create.

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Why don’t government officials reach out to the Pfizer’s of the world and demand a percentage of profits back if they need $$$? The governments gave these companies more or less no bidding contracts…

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I’m sure the crowd that wants the top down global governance and control of all nations will have no problem releasing bioweapons in the future in a push for power over nations.

I don’t know that covid was a bioweapon but we know they are developing said weapons.

Parading Joe Biden around like he is some sort of “leader” of anything is one of the most pathetic insults to citizens I’ve ever seen on the part of TPTB.

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I went camping this weekend. Well tried to. Was denied entry into a campground because we weren’t VAXXED. lol. This shit is an afterthought in most of the world, but to deranged leftists, it still exists as an opportunity. FUCK THESE PANDERS OF FEAR. Fear is to control you and to grift you. Fight them.

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Where was this?

Probably shouldn’t have sent all that money to Ukraine.

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Lol this and this. However i feel Trump will be blamed or at least Putin…