Biden wtf?

He is a god damned pederast

I have two sons,4 and 1. I imagine that I would be just as protective, maybe even more so, if I had a daughter.   But there are only a few people who are allowed to show such intimate affection to my kids.  My wife and I, our parents, and our siblings.  If an adult that wasn't a part of my family circle ever touched my kids like this, I would remove them from the situation immediately.  Maybe he was just trying to be nice for the cameras? I dunno. But that was WAY beyond inappropriate. 

Uhhhh I guess this happens all the time with him. Even touching little girl breasts. Tf?


That is vile and scary.




That is not normal even for a touchy-feely type of person amd this is one of the main dem contenders for president.

Apparently Biden is famous for this kind of behavior.

Tiresias - It's amazing how much blatant shit is sitting right out in the open, and is comfortably ignored by most people.
It is scary. And how ppl just ignore it is the most scary paty

Fucking POS.

pcuzz - Apparently Biden is famous for this kind of behavior.

With adults too.

TTT for this POS

If I had kids, I wouldn't let him anywhere near them

A heartbeat away from being the arguably the most powerful man on the planet...

Devils all of them. 

Creepy as fuck.

Good times.

Jack Carter -

If I had kids, I wouldn't let him anywhere near them

If you had kids being around Joe Biden would be the least of their problems. 

JoeBiden -

Good times.


Will be interesting to see if Trump is able to actually bring down any high level pedos (if he even wants to). He definitely has sources within CIA/FBI who are in his ear about the ongoing issue and pizzagate is still buzzing away online even if MSM is ignoring it. Biden is what happens when a long-time pedo starts going senile and can't muster the self-control to act normal while on camera.


Unreal that I heard Dems saying how they wish Biden would have run and how he would have won easily. I've seen these vids before and I just bit my tongue for some reason...just didn't want to be a guy calling other people pedos from seein an internet vid.

But I would never vote for this fuck just based on these vids alone and anyone who would needs to get in touch with their spidey-sense