Biden's been a bit quiet

can you pls educate me on this?

Yep. Ukraine was the Elite’s piggy bank for so long. Now here we are…


Where you at AnthonyMI?

Won him the election

Watching biden trip over his own words and shit his pants would embolden Putin.

Not showing biden is done by design.

Shitting his pants and diddling some child most likely.



What do you want him to say? He said he’d check in thirty days to see if the sanctions worked. What could happen in the meantime?

Hes showing exceptional leadership.

Might be Americas best play, give him ice cream and let him take a long nap. Maybe if we do nothing the problem will solve itself.

I read that Chernobyl and 3 mile island wouldn’t have had accidents if it wasn’t for bad human intervention

You mean if tje humans didnt ever build the nuclear plants, there would never have been a meltdown?


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