Biden's Build Back Better plan will "ease" inflation…

So conveniently say 15 economists…

We see the damage he’s to the value of the dollar in just 6 months. Does anyone seriously believe this shit anymore?

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I am tired of hearing about him talk about the consensus of economists.

Most economists are politicized anyway.


This will ease inflation the way a handful of lube will ease the ass rape.
No matter how nice you are about it, We are still getting buttfucked.




Yeah. That’s more realistic!

It is just moronic.

The Left knows nothing about Economics and 95% of the money is going to a wide variety of vote buying schemes.

It is all lies and a power grab.

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They are not stupid. Don’t think for a moment that they could be this incompetent. This is intentional.


Inflation = increase in the money supply.

You can’t increase money supply more and expect less inflation.


Just like all the scientists that said there was no way Covid came from a lab as an appeal to authority in the media.

Because they were getting funded to make covid in labs…

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Not exactly…Higher prices due to more money chasing fewer goods and services.

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100% this


They changed the definition of inflation to mean higher prices.

Inflation is the increase in money supply which cause higher prices. And more money chasing few goods with no production behind it causes even higher prices.

*they the government changed the definition so they don’t look like the ones causing the inflation. But they obviously are.

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this is flat out wrong. inflation is the increase in prices, always has been. sometimes it’s an effect of monetary policy, in the case of demand-pull inflation which is driven by interest rates and money supply, sometimes it’s cost-push inflation which is a result of rising prices in other markets, like lumber, energy, labor, etc.

it is not solely a result of money supply.

At least this didn’t get passed in full…