Biden's family may have owned slaves

The party that labels people racist for the sins of their ancestors (may have) elected a descendent of slave owners.

A genealogist says there’s evidence Joe Biden’s 19th century ancestors owned 3 slaves: report (

So he and Kamala have a lot in common.


By the Left’s own logic that means everyone who voted for Biden is also racist…


But he’s not trump so it’s cool.


Biden incarcerated boatloads of blacks and they still voted for him.


certain people seem to think all white folks come from slave owners

Biden has sucked a ton of cocks to get to where he is?

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schedules also show that Biden’s 3rd-great-grandfather, Thomas Randle, owned a 14-year-old male slave

Turns out, that 14 year old slave was Corn Pop’s 3rd great grandfather… ‘twas the origin of the blood feud.

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"You know, my great grand daddy was out back one evening, giving the slaves some slop when old Rastus J. Cornpop --an old field-hand nigh on 74 years-- said to him, “Massa Biden, sir… I been a thinkin’. Seems to me that we NEEDS to do something 'bout this here environment so there will still be an America left for our great-grand babies.”

More than you can imagine.

Will Smith What GIF by DraftKings

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" If you ain’t pickin my cotton you ain’t black"

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