Biden's latest failure. Railroad strike looming

Give in to the unions? Sounds like communism to me

I’m confused as hell now. I’m referring to the tentative agreement that was reached after the PEB and before the strike deadline. The union members voted to reject that agreement. Are you saying that never happened and the deal they voted to reject was from months ago?

No, I’m saying the deal that was rejected was based off the PEB, and the vote closed just before Biden’s puppet handlers intervened. Literally hours. To my knowledge, none of the crafts that were tendered this newest offer including changes to the absentee policy have yet closed voting. I’m sure the machinists will vote again.

Yeah that’s what I was saying when I posted they are postponing their potential strike until Sept 29th to give more time for further negotiations and to let other unions vote. Union contracts usually have a clause that says if another union negotiates a better deal after your union has already voted to accept then your union automatically gets that better deal as well. I haven’t read the machinists tentative agreement that they rejected so I don’t know if it only included what the PEB recommended. But yes I believe they will vote again.

That’s a “me-too” clause. They often get tossed out based on the argument that job duties and work scheduling expectations don’t match up. A machinist or electrician cannot expect to have the level of responsibility or work schedule that a locomotive engineer has.

The other side to that coin is “pattern bargaining.” That principle is often applied by mediatiors when using the deal one railroad took as a framework for bargaining at another railroad. On the national contract level, though, there aren’t any other operations of that scale to use as precedent. That generally applies to commuter railroads and regional freight operations.

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