Big 3 question

Ok heres the deal.I start the fire academy on monday so ill be doing massive amounts of running,calisthenics,shit like running towers with full bunker gear on etc,etc.Ill be doing that in the mornings,mon-thurs.

Then at night ill be at kickboxing or BJJ.So i was thinking of doing bench,squats,deadlift mon,wed,fri.

I used to do a 3day split but i dont want to spend as long in the gym now.

Heres my question:Would i still pack on muscle from that or would it be too much? Any advice would help,Thanks in advance.

You will probably pack on more muscle in that time then your other times if you were not squating a lot.

Bench, squat and deadlift 3x a week is going to be great.

I would probably try to cut down on the kickboxing or bjj or training in general as your doing the Fire Academy thing.  You DO NOT WANT TO BE BURNT OUT.

Remember you have to focus on SOMETHING and you don't want to spread yourself too thin and get injured.

You will pack on muscle.  Just have to EAT A LOT and that will probably be difficult since your going to be so active.


Here's the program:

The One Lift a Day Program

Not to rail on your advice, but is this a good pick for him? It recommends blasting one body part and talks about how you're unable to do anything after doing squats for 45 minutes. How is he supposed to do all his other activites?

Man thats an intruiging workout,i think ill see how hard they hit us in week one and if its not too bad start the one lift a day the next week.It would be a bitch if i couldnt run the next day.The PT instructors look for any excuse to scream in your face.

"Just have to EAT A LOT and that will probably be difficult since your going to be so active."

ya i thought about that,im prolly gonna start making some homemade protein bars and scarf'em during any breaks we get.

Thanks for the advice fellas.