Big Announcement on UFC??????

Did anyone catch what the huge announcement was? It was supposed to be the biggest announcement ever in UFC history. Any one catch it? Bigger than Royce and Hugh's?


I cant believe how much they are paying tyson....

I can't believe Arlovski agreed to fight him.


I can't find it on you tube. Do you have a link?

That's nuts! Tyson and Arvloski? Wow!


Craziness this early in the morning should be banned! haha

While I was watching the weigh ins, Mike Goldberg said that Dana had a huge announcement to make and said it was the biggest UFC announcement ever. When they came back from commercial Dana announced that Tito and Shamrock would be fighting in October and it would be on Spike. I was hoping that wasn't it but they ended the broadcast shortly after.

Maybe they had another announcement to make and decided at the last minute to hold off.

He did, he announced the Tyson vs. Arlovski fight on free TV, and Royce is friggin training Tyson in BJJ... what the hell. I think to the average fan that is pretty big!

Do you think Dana would have let him sit in the front row at the last UFC if he was with PRIDE?

Hell no!


this is great

I saw the Tyson video on youtube earlier... they must have pulled it. I think there was a link to the announcement on

Were you watching the same thing as me? they must have cut that part out.

ohhhh....I get it.

lol at this thread

can't wait to see Tyson in the mix

people still dropping that matbattle link eh? That is too funny.

Who's this Tyson guy? Was he in TUF?

Dana White and Tito Ortiz are then going to have a tag team match against Vince McMahon and Triple H. And it's going to be MMA rules.

Maybe for Tysons match they'll allow biting...

The huge news wasnt really Tyson alone, it was his opponent - none other than Rickson himself